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A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness
(April 2008)

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"Elizabeth Ellen's stories are ferocious and tender, filled with dark, relentless momentum punctuated by exquisite moments of sweetness and stillness."
-- Davy Rothbart, creator of Found magazine and author of The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas

"Elizabeth Ellen's eye never fails to capture the most revealing details in these humane, off-kilter fictions. Like Denis Johnson, her stories take place in the passenger seats and rec rooms of an uneasy Americana and are warmed by a generous sensitivity to human frailty."
-- Ryan Boudinot, author of The Littlest Hitler

"I read this in a waiting room at a doc in the box trying to get sleep medicine. I wanted more when it was over. It reminded me somewhat of the movie GUMMO, which is one of my favorite movies. You should buy this."
-- Blake Butler

"Thanks to her lack of pretension, her focus on detail, and her willingness to explore the ugly stuff without judgment, Elizabeth Ellen's stories take nothing characters, nowhere towns, and turn them into something extraordinary. She elevates the unremarkable, and makes it shine like the goddamn sun."
-- Whitney Pastorek, executive editor, Pindeldyboz

"Elizabeth Ellen is rapidly becoming the quintessential writer giving us stories and poems about fucked up relationships. She has the ability to capture both characters and mood within a 30-word piece, or successfully plot a 20-page story, and has a great ear for devastating one-line character takedowns, and for dialogue in general."
-- Dan Wickett, Emerging Writers Network

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